Oriented in the field of the medical

and dental implantologie

  • Screw-machining exclusively on CNC Automatic Lathes 5-9 axis
  • Productions in precious alloy, titanium, inox and medical plastics
  • Technical working with cutting tools in natural diamond
  • Optical and contact measuring technology
  • Identification and packaging of finished and semi-finished product
  • Tracability guaranteed by the Quality Management System


Rickli Micromécanique SA, a family business founded in 1980, specializes in manufacturing micro-mechanical parts for companies working in the field of medical and dental implants.


We are capable of carrying out all your high-precision bar-turning and milling jobs with our natural diamond turning tools that can work with various materials, such as precious alloys, titanium, stainless steel and medical plastics.


Rickli Micromécanique SA has a team of 12 qualified and motivated staff who work under optimal conditions with very modern machinery to satisfy clients’ challenging needs in terms of complexity, cost, standards and deadlines.


Our Quality Management System is based on ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.